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PSHE and P.D.

Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education is an important and necessary part of the education of students at Newcastle Academy.

PSHE is tailored and designed specifically to meet the uniqueness of the students at Newcastle Academy. The subject provides students with a sound understanding of the risks, knowledge and skills necessary to make informed decisions.

Students have one lesson of PSHE per fortnight which follow a well-planned programme of study. Topics covered include Sex and Relationship (SRE) which is statutory within all schools.

Year 7 –

Settling into Secondary school

On line safety

Friendships and bullying


Healthy living including a balanced diet

Year 8 –

Discrimination including racism, disability awareness


Consent in relationships


Money management and local services

Year 9-

Eating disorders

The importance of sleep

Drugs education

World Aid and World-Wide Citizenship

Year 10-

Bereavement and Death

Contraception and pregnancy

Mental Health

Anti- social behaviour

Year 11-

Looking forward

Planning a C.V.

Writing letters of application 

In addition, while at Newcastle Academy, students will be taught cancer awareness and how to check for the signs and symptoms of breast and testicular cancer

 Newcastle Academy prides itself on being a very inclusive establishment when discussing the issues which arise in PSHE and SRE lessons.

PSHE is a non- examined subject, but nonetheless is a vital part of a student’s development and is seen as being of paramount importance.